Selected From Foods That Not Only Beat Back Cancer,
Many Are Believed to Actually Target Cancer Stem Cells!
The List From 2015 Had 10 Solid Hits and now we know many more plants!
Initial Large Scale Biochemical Screening Has Shown This To Be True
We Have Taken This New Approach To The Next Step, Categorizing These So We Can Find More!
People Have Survived Cancer Long Term With These Plants In Various Protocols.
Dr Charles Majors Talks About Inflamation, Oxygen & Metabolism In His Video
Sure Enough All These Phytonutrients Are Filled With Oxygens For Every Receptor!
You Need To Work Out The Details With Your Physician, Dietician Or Healer.

Cancer Research Has Simply Become Far Too Convoluted For Anyone To Comprehend And
All Previous Cancer Treatments Have FAILED to Cure Cancer And That Has Led Us Here!
Go Ahead, Choose Your Poison NCBI Lists Over 1700 Biochemicals With Anticancer Properties,
But the toxicities are incompatible with Health, hence the Horrors of Chemotherapies
Including This Dr Who Got 45 Years For Giving Chemo To People Without Cancer!
1 Million Dead From Chemo ROS Chemo Makes Cancer Grow Faster! NEW

Colored Food Lists

The Colored Food List Has Now Been Completely Reorganized Below
So We Can Begin To Understand FOOD ASAP How These Biochemicals Evolved & Work ROS
Plant Colors, Report Color Chemistry Plant Dyes And Pigmentation Basis
Phytochemicals in Food Phytochemical Ring Structures Med Potentials & Toxicities
Dietary Agents For Prevention & Treatment of Cancer
Artificial Food Coloring Food Coloring Wiki Certifiable Syn. Colors Exempt Nat. Colors
Chemistry New Study Artificial Colors "Safe Syn Dyes" The Problem?

The Serious Problem Is The Deficiency Of Natural Vital Healing Colored Phytonutrients!
Serious GMO's Co60 Too! Kitchen Makeover Everything Vital
While No One Knows Fully How These Plants Heal Or Biochemicals Work,
Using A Few From Each Color & Each # Ring Sounds Like A Good Plan To Fit All Receptors.
Specific Receptors To Each Food Plant
To Open Yourself Up To Receive These Phytonutrients Nothing Works Quite Like
Some Detox Regimens In Green Blender And Raw Niacin 100mg + 5-HTP 100mg
Now You're Ready To Launch Your Anti-Cancer Attack!
It Is Believed That Fresh Whole Herbal Nutrition Works Best Synergistically.
Including: Dr Sahelian's Alpha Index Key Amino Acids Fatty Acids Oils Vitamins & Minerals Ag&I Azomite Shilajit Hormones
Vegan, Enzymes & Probiotics: Fermentation 1 2 3 4 Sauerkraut Kimchi Kombucha Dr Cassar's Kitchen Tour New !
Onions Allium sp. Garlic Sprouted Springer Allium Study AICR Report Reports Thanks Gypsy Boots!

And Now 'Eat The Rainbow' Has A Real Healing & Anti-Cancer Biochemical Basis!
New Quantum Mech UV-IR Vibrational Modelling Confirms Flavonoid Antioxidant/Antibody Processes!



This list & list below were just found to be almost identical
Indicating Healing Connections on Quantum Level
Similar Biochemistry of Metabolism, Energy, Antioxidant, Vitality, Sexuality

A Synergistic Entourage of Symbiotic Healing ie.
BLUE BUTTERFLY PEA Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea Flower Tea CTAE Anthocyanin Cliotide Report
LONG JACK Eurycoma longifolia Chemistry Reports DRIVE XT


Site Note

Click First Link To See The Pure Beautful COLORS Of These Healing Plants,
Click Second Link Latin Name To Learn All About Each Plant
Click Third Link To See Colorful Antioxidant Nature & Pure Highly Oxygenated Rings
Click Fourth Link To See Medicinal Uses and Science Reports
Click Fifth Link To See The Powerful Colored Powder Extracts

1 Ring Chemical Structures

  1. ROSES BLACK ROSE Rosa Rosacaeae R. laevigata Hips Rose Oil Damascenone Benefits Reports Color
  2. PEONY BLACK PEONY Paintings Paeonia sp. P. suffruticosa Chemistry Paeonol Chinese Uses TGP Study Reports
  3. ROCK ROSE Cistus ladaniferus Labdanum Uses & Chemistry Monoterpene Reports
  4. YLANG YLANG Canaga ordorata Channel No. 5 Benefits Aromatherapy Reports
  5. GINGER Zingiber officinale Gingerol Chemistry Nano Shogaol Chemo Powerful
    Med Refs. Zingerone Reports Report Vanillin Cloves Color
  6. CAMU CAMU Vitamin C Dr. Rath Archives Ascorbic Peroxide Reports Vitamin A Reports Harvard Color Color
  7. HIBISCUS Hibiscus sabdariffa Tea Protocatechuic Acid Journal Abstract Color
  8. MEADOWSWEET Filipendula ulmaria Strutures Salicylic Acid Flavones Reports Aspirin Update
  9. GRAPEFRUIT Citrus paradisi Limonene Limonin Reports Naringenin Metabolite INteractions! Bergamonttin Color
  10. TOMATO Solanum lycopersicum Lycopene 10 Richest Lycopene Med Refs. Reports Color Color
  11. ESSENTIAL OILS Wiki Thyme Basil Oregano Anethol Essential Oils Skin Cancer Aromatherapy Freq Report
  12. CINNAMON Cinnamon Cinnamonum Cinnamaldehyde Reports New Color
  13. LAVENDER Lavandula, Mint, Cherry Oils Linalool Perillyl Alcohol Wiki Med Refs. Reports Color
  14. BLACK CUMIN Nigella sativa Thymoquinone Phytochemistry Report
  15. PELARGONIUM Pelargonium sp. Rose Pelargonium Oils Geraniol Citronellol Pelargonidin Reports Color
  16. LEMON GRASS Cymbopogon Citronella Oil Chemical Structures Reports Color
  17. JASMINE Jasminum sp. Jasminum gradiflorum Jasmonate Structures Structures Essential Oils vs Cancer Reports Furan Ring ANP10 Comp
  18. SAFFRON Crocus sativus Wiki Chemistry Reports Color
  19. PATCHOULI Pogostemon cablin Patchoulol Norpatchoulenol Reports Report Sesquiterpene
  20. Co Q 10 Sources Co_Q10 Reports Terpenes Essential Oils Terpenoids Color
    SPICE PHYTOCHEMICALS For Cancer Prevention HERBS & SPICES for Cancer Prevention

    2 Ring Chemical Structures

  21. PUMPKINS #1 Curcurbita pepo CARROTS #2 Daucus carota ß-Carotene Refs Color
  22. CALENDULA Calendula officinalis Constituents Flavoxanthin Lutein & Xanthophyll Healing Benefits LACE Report Report
  23. BLACK CARROT Benefits Carrot Museum Anthocyanins Genetics
  24. RED ALGAE Haematococcus pluvialis Astaxanthin Astaxanthin Briefing Cell Wall Reports
    Note See Blue Green Spirulina Algae in Misc Group Below
  25. PAPRIKA Capsicum annuum Zeaxanthin Reports Color Xanthophylls
  26. WHEAT GRASS Triticum aestivum Nutrition Chlorophyll Chemistry Non Gluten Reports Color
  27. WHEAT GERM OIL Veg Oils Tocopherol Tocotrienols Reports Color Annatto Tocotrienol
  28. VIT K Top Ten Vit K Sources Wiki Vit K Story Reports Color
  29. PARSLEY Petroselinum crispum Chemistry Chemistry Studies More Studies Report
  30. NUTMEG Myristica fragrans Nutmeg Benefits Mace Myristicin Reports
  31. NUT GRASS Cyperus rotundus Chinese Qi Selinene CELERY SEED Apiole Cyperone Reports
  32. TONKA BEANS Dipteryx odorata Story Coumarins Reports Color
  33. VENUS FLY TRAP Dionaea muscipula Carnivora Plumbagin Chemistry Reports
  34. GRAPES Plums Berries Vitus Resveratrol Knotweed Resv Group AntiAging Callistephin Seed Proanthocyanidins Med Refs. Reports Color
  35. MARSH CINQUEFOIL Comarum palustre Proanthocyanidins Proanthos Wiki Chlorogenic Acid New Extraction Reports Comaruman
  36. TURMERIC Curcuma longa Curcumin Curcuminoids Med Refs. Reports Color Rosocyanine B Test
  37. HEMP Cannabis sativa Cannabidiol CBG>CBD>THC Ecology Jack Herer Reports
    Cannabis Terpenes Cannabis Terps & Flavos Caryophyllene
    Quinones: Thymoquinone Phyllquinone K1 Menaquinones, K2 Ubiquinone, CoQ10 METABOLISM CoQ10
    Beam Test CBD>CBD-Quinone Anthraquinones: Aloe, Rhubarb, Sennosides PQQ
    This Shows Possible Metabolic Paths Of The Moieties On This List To Induce Apoptosis

    3 Ring Chemical Structures

  38. COLORFUL FOODS Herbs Cilantro Reports Flavonoids Pt. 1 Antioxidants Hydroxylation of Flavonoids
  39. FLAVONOIDS Pt. 2 Health Myricetin Kaempferol Luteolin Apigenin Phytochems Polyphenols Methylated Flavonoids Modulators
  40. RASPBERRY Rubus ideaus Rubus occidentalis Anthocyanins Report
  41. RED & BLUE FRUITS & VEG. RED CABBAGE Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. rubra Anthocyanins Blues
  42. MULBERRY Morus sp. Healthy Phyto Profile Potent Marvel Reports
  43. PETUNIA BLACK PETUNIAS Petunia sp. Petunidin Petunidin etc Anthocyanidin Anthocyanin BLACK PETUNIAS Reports Mechanisms
  44. CURRANTS Ribes Benefits Chemistry Reports
  45. HAWTHORN Craaegus sp. Properties Uses Phytos Chem Index Vitexin Procyanidin Cardio
  46. MAQUI Aristotelia chilensis Story Chemistry Color
  47. CRANBERRY Vacinnium sp. Quercetin Med Refs. Reports
  48. BLUEBERRY RASPBERRY Vaccinium Raspberry Ketone Delphinidin Med Refs. Reports
  49. CHINESE SKULLCAP Scutellaria Baicalein Wogonin Med Refs. Reports
  50. CITRUS PEELS Peel Rutin Hesperidium Nobiletin Tangeritin Color
  51. COLEUS Coleus forskolii Info Patent Forskolin Structure Reports
  52. BUCKWHEAT Fagopyrum esculentum Chemistry Catechin 7-0-g Report Report PDF
  53. AMARANTH Amaranthus tricolor Squalene Squalene Antioxidants Rutin Nicotiflorin Activities See 4 Rings
  54. ALOE Aloe Species Medicinals Anthraquinones Vital AQ Process ! Reports Color
  55. RED ONION Allium cultivar Cyanidin Peonidon glucoside Peonidin Reports Report Color
  56. MADDER Rubia cordyfolia Alizarin Crimson Rose Madder Herbal Report Report Report Color
  57. EGG PLANT Solanum melongena Aubergine Nasunin Info Chem Article Reports
  58. THISTLES Thistle sp. Caruus Cirsium Cardoon Artichoke Apigenin Luteolin
    Cynareae Rhaponticum Rosinidin Cyanidin Anthocyanins Biosynthesis ANTHOCYANIN COLORS!
  59. ZINNIAS Zinnia elegans Phytochem Multiple Flavonoids Report Report In Space! New Under Review
  60. MALVA Malva sylvestris Malvidin Primrose Malvin Procyanidin Reports Herbal Anthocyanidins Chart
  61. COCOA Theobroma cacao Proanthocyanidin Reports Color
  62. RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense Soy Flavonoids, Genistein Phytoestrogens Fenugreek Med Refs. Reports Color
  63. FEVERFEW Tanacetum parthenium Parthenolide Med Refs. Reports Color
  64. ANDROGRAPHIS Andrographis paniculata Andrographolide Report More Reports
  65. KALANCHOE Kalanchoe sp. Chemistry Structures Reports Color Under Review
  66. GENTIANA Gentiana sp. Herbal Root Chem Chemistry Gentiopicroside Report Report
  67. NONI Morinda citrofolia Lipoxygenase Chemistry Damnacanthal Juice Treatment Dr. Heinicke New Report Review
  68. PURSLANE Portulaca oleracea Phytochemistry Lonchocarpic Acid Medicinals Lupeol Reports Color
  69. ICE PLANT Carpobrotus edulis Chemistry Catechin Occurences Neohesperidin Extracts Anti Bacteria Virus & Cancer
  70. ARTEMISIA Artemisia Annua Chem Oxygen Bridge Report Under Review Chemistry Caution New Cancer Studies
  71. HOPS Humulus lupulus Prenylated Flavonoids Hops n Beer 8-PN Xanthohumol Chemistry Studies Color
  72. MARIJUANA Cannabis indica THC Vitamin M Dr Ross Vit Weed CECD Med Chart Lung Brain Gliomas Reports More Pub Med
    Marc Emery Ruby Red Oil Shatter Annointing Oil Rick Simpson Oil Anthocyanin Pot 123 More 2015 Trials Mendo Grow
    TERPENES Terpene Chart Live Resin Assay CURES Dr Sanchez, How Cannabis Cures Cancer Receptor Modulation Cell Wall TB ALSO?
  73. HEAVENLY BLUE MORNING GLORY Ipomoea Ipomoea tricolor Peonidin Ergoline Ergine Blue Color Color Changes Fig 1
    HBA Anthocyanins Anthocyanin Background Anthos Cancer Studies


    4 Ring Chemical Structures

  74. EGGS Fish Meat Cod Liver Oil Cholesterol Vitamin D Forms Vitamin D3 Med Refs. Reports
  75. NUTS & SEEDS Hemp Seed Flax Panaseeda Chia Sesame Phytosterols Nature Article Reports New Report
  76. AMARANTH Amaranthus A. caudatus Betalain Sterol Esters NIH Report LPI Color See 3 Rings
  77. CENTAUREA Centaurea 8-HQ 8-HQ Syn Study Arctiin Arctigenin
  78. BURDOCK Arctium lappa Dandelion Burdock Chlorogenic Acid Arctiin Arctigenin
  79. COTTON Gossypium Cottonseed Gossypol Reports Color
  80. SALVIA D Salvia divinorum Chem Report Reports Under Review
  81. SALVIA M Salvia miltiorrhiza Botany Med Sage Tanshinone Med Study Color More Salvias Coming !
    S. officialis Pharma Pomolic Acid S. sahendica S.columbariae Chia S. argentea S. sclarae under review
  82. MYRRH Commiphora Guggulsterone Reports Color
  83. BABCHI Psoralea corylifolia Psoralidin Reports Color
  84. POMEGRANATE Punica granatum Ellagic Acid Ellagic Acid Structure Overview Reports Color
  85. KUDZU Pueraria sp. Phytoestrogens Coumestrol Chemistry Miroestrol Uses Reports Color
  86. LONG JACK Eurycoma longifolia Chemistry Reports
  87. GREEN TEA Camelia sinensis Epigallocatechin-3-gallate EGCG Reports Theaflavins Reports Polyphenols Color
    BLACK TEA Camelia sinensis ssp. assamica
  88. BLACK RICE Oryza aativa Anthocyanins Phytosterol Chemistry Structures

    5 Ring Chemical Structures

  89. APPLE Ursolic Acid Med Refs. Malic Acid Cider Vinegar Ext. Epicatechin Reports Color
  90. WALNUT Juglans regia Juglone Uses Chem Pedunculagin Report Report Study Study Topical
  91. PERSIMMON FRUIT OF THE GODS Diospyros sp. Fisetin Betulinic Acid Chemistry SuperFood Healing Report Report
  92. SAPOTA EGG FRUIT Pouteria sp. P. lucuma Chemistry Reports
  93. ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis Phytochems Rosamarinic Acid Betulinic Acid Reports
  94. KOCHIA (COLOR!) Kochia scoparia Tonburi Triterpenoids Momordins Amarantaceae Sterols Cancer Studies
  95. FRANKENCENSE Boswellia sacra Boswellc Acid Triterpene PubMed Reports
  96. WILD INDIGO Tephrosia purpurea Tephrosin Reports
  97. BITTER MELON Momordica charantia Report Kugaucin Charantin Report Reports
  98. BACOPA Bacopa monieri Bacoside Jujubogenin Chem Chart Pharmacognosy
  99. GINSENG Panax Ginsenosides Reports Color
  100. ASHWAGANDHA Withania somnifera Withaferin A Med Refs. Reports Color
  101. SHATAVARI Asperagus racemosus Ayurvedic Herbal Uses Chemistry NIH Study Reports
  102. MILK THISTLE Silybum marianum Silibinin Med Refs. Reports 7 MORE CHEMS Color
  103. BERGAMOT ORANGE Cirus bergamia Preparation Bergamottin Eriocitrin Neoeriocitrin
    Neohesperidin Melitidin Butieridin Review Mechanism Report Report

    Multiple Chemical Structures

  104. HONEY Wiki Major AntiCancer Phytochemistry Reports
  105. BEE POLLEN Bee Propolis 1,2 & 3 Ring Structures! Honey Flavonoids Studies Color
  106. MEDICINAL HERBS Wiki Nine Herbs Charm Linalool Reports Color
  107. MINT PEPPERMINT Mentha arvensis Cancer Journal Chemistry Activity Reports
  108. CRUCIFEROUS BLACK TUSCAN KALE Brassicaceae Isothiocyanates Med Refs. Reports Cabbage Red Color
  109. TREE OF LIFE Moringa oleifera Ingredients Antibacterial Den Oil Phytochemistry Studies Reports Color
  110. OLIVE TREE Olea europaea Olive Oil Oleanolic Acid Oleocanthal Reports Color
  111. JACKFRUIT Artocarpus heterophyllus Chem & Med Properties Chem Structures Artocarpin Artonins Benefits Report
  112. JUJUBE Ziziphus mauritiana Extracts New NIH Report Reports
  113. SWEET POTATO Purple Ipomoea batatas Nutrition Chem 1 Chem 2 Reports
  114. BEETS Beta vulgaris Betalain Betalains Betalains Beet Reports Betalin Reports Betalain Reports NIH Betanin Beetroot Red Caput Mortuum
  115. GARDENIA Gardenia jasminoides Chemistry Medicinal Genipin Crocin Crocetin Red Gardenia Blue
  116. ELDERBERRY Sambucus nigra Biochemistry Flu Cure Flu Binding Article
  117. SAFFLOWER Carthamus tinctorius Herbal Medicinal Dyes Carthamin Yellow Rose Carthame Fleurs
  118. DANDELION Taraxacum officinale Root Coffee Chemistry Reports Color
  119. GROUND IVY Glechoma hederacea Herbal Multi Medicinal Report Reports
  120. CHICKWEED Stellaria media Herbal Chemistry Parietin AntiCancer Of Sprouts Report
  121. VERVAIN Verbena officinalis Verbenalin Verbenalin Extracts Report Beta Sitosterol Verbascoside Ursolic Acid Report Reports
  122. VELVET BEAN Mucuna pruriens Uses Magic Bean Report Report
  123. MOTHERWORT Leonurus cardiaca Herbal Uses & Chemistry Chem Chart Report Report Phyto J. 3/15
  124. RHODIOLA Rhodiola rosea Herbal Benefits Overview Rosavin Chemistry Report Report
  125. BUSH CHERRY & CLOVES Syzygium sp. S. australe S. cumini S. aromaticum Chem Fruits Clove New
  126. AFRICAN PURPLE PEAR Dacryodes edulis Story Benefits R J Med Plants Medicinal & Analyses
  127. BLACK PEPPER Piper nigrum Piperine Enhancement Med Refs. Reports Color
  128. LONG PEPPER Piper longum Chemistry Screening Report
  129. PEPEROMIA Peperomia sp. Chemistry Assay Reports
  130. ST. JOHN'S WORT Hypericium perforatum Hypericin 2013 Study Reports
  131. ACAI Euterpe oleracea Phytos Velutin Coumarin Trifusion Max Report
  132. MANGOSTEEN Garcinia mangostana Report Xanthones Reports Garcinia sp. Gambogic Acid Reports
  133. TRIPHALA Embelica officinalis Terminalia bellirica, cherbula & arjuna Myrobalans
    Bellirica Chebula Arjuna Amla Cherry Plum Triphala Chem Bellirika Chem Triethylchebulate Chem of Amla Chem of Cherries Report Chebula Acids Arjunic Chems Report Reports
  134. DITTANY Dictamus alba Chemistry Limonin Limonoids & Cancer Reports
  135. GERANIUM Geranium sp. Geraniin Corilagin Chem AntiOx Chem 4/16
  136. LIQUORICE Glycyrrhiza glabra Glycyrrhizan Chemistry Chemistry Report Report 2015 Report
  137. PASSIONFRUIT Passiflora sp Passiflora caerulea Chem Under Review Phytos Life Extention
  138. SARSAPARILLA Smilax sp. Sarsasapogenin Diosgenin Marker Deg. 2015 Report
  139. STEVIA Stevia rebaudiana Steviol Steviocide Report ANTICANCER REPORTS !
  140. TRIBULUS Tribulus terrestis Protodioscin Terrestrosin Report
  141. BALLOON FLOWER Platycodon grandifloruim Platycodon Saponin Platycodins Reports Saponins Triterpenoid Saponins Reports
  142. BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWER Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Cliotide Report

    Mushroom Chemical Structures

  143. MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS Research MycoMedicinals Pharmacology BioChem Structures Benefits Medicinal Properties
  144. PIPTOPORUS Piptoporus betulinus Ice Man Polyporenic Acid
  145. SHITAKE Lentinula edodes Mushroom Farms Alpha Glucan Polysaccharides AHCC Ext.
  146. REISHI Ganoderma lucidum Color
  147. MAITAKE CLOUD MUSHROOM Grifola frondosa
  148. CORDYCEPS Cordyceps sp. Chemistry
  149. TURKEY TAIL Trametes versicolor
  150. LIONS MANE Hericium erinaceus Amyloban
  151. AGARICUS Blazei Murill Agaricus subrufescens
  152. BLACK TRUMPET Craterellus cornucopiodes Report
  153. MAGIC MUSHROOMS Psilocybe sp. Psilocybin Serotonergic Psychedelics Psilocybe Polysacharides NEWS
  154. The 6 Mysterious Medicinal Best? Fungi.com MUSHROOM KITS

    Misc. Chemical Structures

  155. FULVIC ACID Suwanee Fulvic Acid Story Fulvic-Humic Immunity Wounds Structures Structure Reports Humic Acid PubChem Colors
  156. SHILAJIT Shilajit Article Article Pub Med Pyrone Kojic Acid Report
  157. KOMBUCHA Saccharomyces
  158. STREPTOMYCES albus Images Salinomycin Reports Several Chem Full Report
  160. SPIRULINA Arthrospira Breast Cancer Aphanizomenon
NOTE: What Plants Have NOT Made This List So Far?
An Important Question, So Here Are Ones That
Have Not Made It Yet For One Reason Or Another.
We Can Only Research So Many Plants Per Day, Show Us More!
Safe Plants For Further Research These May Have Other Important Dietary or Medicinal Uses,
These Give Clues & Confirmations Of This Rainbow Principle

Azolla. Beans in general, Soy, Whole Grains in general,
Red Yeast Rice, Purple Rice, GMO's, Gingko, Avocado
Berberis aristata, Fruits vs Roots?
Coffee, Mustard, Banana, Salvia d., Kenaf, Marsh Orchid,
Citron /Pectins, Coconut, Inula helenium, Marsh Mallow, Melaleuca
PINEAPPLE Ananas comosus Bromelain Enzymes Unique Chem EU Architecture Bromelain Reports
VINCA Rosinidin Ok Alkaloids Vinca minor Vinpocetine ! Wiki Anticancer Vincristine Not
MAYAPPLE Podophyllum peltatum Podophyllotoxin Etoposide Teniposide Nux Vomica Chem
Alkaloids (Except Pepper, which is major enhancer of phytonutrients) An Alkaloid Example is:
Celandine Coptisine Ukrain
Chemo Therapy Plants, Steroids & Prussian Blue,
We have Stripped Down Most World Heritage Healing Plant Lists
To Bring To The Forefront The Best From Each

Books On Phytochemicals

  1. Dr. Greger, How Not To Die! He Puts It All Together Today!
  2. Higdon, J., Drake, V., Evidence Based Approach To Phytochemicals & Other Dietary Factors
  3. Gupta, V.K., Bioactive Phytochemicals Perspectives for Modern Medicine Vol. 2
  4. Carkeet, C. etal, Phytochemicals: Health Promotion and Therapeutic Potential
  5. Duke J. A., Handbook of Phytochemical Constituents of GRAS Herbs And Other Electronic Plants
  6. Rasooli, I., Phytochemicals - Bioactivities and Impact on Health
  7. Harborne, J. & A.,Phytochemical Methods a Guide to Modern Techniques of Plant Analysis
  8. Bohm, B., The Geography of Phytochemical Races
  9. De La Rosa L. etal, Fruit And Vegetable Phytochemicals
  10. Crozier, A., Plant Secondary Metabolites
  11. Ho, W.S., Active Phytochemicals from Chinese Herbal Medicines: Anti-Cancer Activities & Mechanisms
  12. More Phytochemical Books
  13. Dr. Glenn Rathfeld, Nutrition & Healing, Atlas of Natural Cures
  14. Dr Stengler Natural Healing Enc.
  15. Dr. Gary Null's Health & Nutrition Book Shelf
  16. Got Chemotherapy? Scary New Alchemy! Choice Is Yours
  17. WHO Cancer Fact Sheet
  18. GcMAF Book Wiki Rebuttal Dr. Gray GcMAF DIY Kit!
  19. Dr. Tim Smith, Free Healing Books

Additional Important References

  3. Sayer's Expanded List Is Similar
  4. Dr. Greger, How Not To Die 2015 Video
  5. Dr Stengler's New Cancer Report See Ascorbate & Peroxide and AQ Peroxides Above
    We were excited to hear how these chemicals WORK, Peroxide is released off these OH- > O double bonds
  6. Dr Stengler's Updated Natural Healing Encyclopedia
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  37. Standard Disclaimer Must Read
  38. Cancer.Gov MCI Immunotherapy List
  39. Wiki Unprovens Now Colorful Edible Plants Are Proven !
    We have offered over 1000 New Science Reports For These Plants, Its Up To You
  40. Wellness Foods, Colored Foods Chart (Right Side)
  41. Happy Herbivore, Vegetable Photo
  42. Will The Rainbow Ponies Lead Kids To Health?
  43. More Exciting Phytochemicals in Plants. We're Not Done Yet!
  44. Hundreds More Plants To Research As you see in this paper,
    We are on a very similar track here and coming to a consensus that Plants Can Cure Cancer.
    Cancer therapy W Phytochemicals
  45. NCI Confirms Millions of False Positives Wrongly Treated!
  46. New Natural Immunity Therapy
  47. Dana-Farber 95 Recipes To Make These Foods Into Nutritious Delicious Meals Is A Real Challenge
  48. Perhaps Its More About Juicing?
  49. Coral Reefer Juices Up Super Food Hemp Smoothy For You
  50. Dr. Cassar's Personal Health Food Kitchen pt. 1
  51. Dr. Cassar's Live Fermented Foods

Some Final Notes

Dear God The Creator Of Heaven, Earth, Light Love
Have Mercy, Deliver Us From Suffering, Pain, Darkness & Evil
Show Us The Enlightened Path From Gethsemane to Eden, Amen

When Its Time To Turn Up The Country Music... And The Rainbow Juicer! And A Good Nurse !
Yoga, Dance, Music Meditation Blessing Of A Long Illness
Golden Rainbow Prayer
White Light Garden

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