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A number of Trees & Herbs found in Nepal have remarkable Antidiabetic potential.

Among them;

  • Justicia adhatoda, Asuro, Malabar Nut
    Justicia_adhatoda Photos

  • Holarrhena pubescens, Indrajau, White Angel
    Holarrhena pubescens
    White Angel Photos

  • Terminalia bellirica), Barro, Bedda Nuts
    Terminalia bellirica
    Bedda Nut Photos

  • Terminalia chebula, Harro, Ink Nut
    Terminalia chebula
    Ink Nut Photos

  • Rhododendron arboreum), Laligurans, Burans, National Flower of Nepal
    Rhododendron arboreum
    Rhododndron Photos

  • Acacia catechu, Khayar, Catechu
    Acacia catechu
    Catechu Photos

  • Cassia fistula, Rajbrikksha, Golden Shower Tree
    Cassia fistula
    Gold Shower tree Photos

  • Woodfordia fruticosa, Dhaniyaro, Pecker Nectar
    Woodfordia fruticosa
    Woodfordia Photos

  • Myrica esculenta, Kaphal, Box Myrtle
    Myrica esculenta
    Box Myrtle Photos

  • Sapindus mukorossi, Ritha, Soapnuts
    Sapindus mukorossi
    Soapnut Photos

  • Cedrus deodara, Debdar, Himalayan Cedar, Divine Deodar, National Tree Of Pakistan
    Cedrus deodara
    Himalayan Cedar Photos

  • Taxus baccata, Tulsipatra, EU Yew
    Taxus baccata
    EU Yew Photos


  • Rheum australe, Padamchal, Rhubarb
    Rheum australe
    Rhubarb Photos

  • Rubia manjith, Majhitho, Madder
    Rubia manjith
    Madder Photos

  • Bergenia ciliata, Pakhanbed, Elephant Ears Saxifrage
    Bergenia ciliata
    Saxifrage Photos

  • Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora, Kutki, Alpine Plants
    Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora
    Alpine Plant Photos

  • Centella asiatica, Ghortapre, Gotu Kola
    Centella asiatica
    Gotu Kola Photos

  • Nymphaea stellata, Neelkamal, Star Lotus
    Nymphaea stellata
    Star Lotus Photos

  • Swertia angustifolia, Chiraito, Felwort Gentian
    Swertia angustifolia
    Felwort Gentian Photos

  • Valeriana villosa, Sugandhawala, Circumboreal Valerian?
    Valeriana villosa
    Alpine Valrian Photos

  • Have significant inhibitory activities for targeted digestive enzymes and
    could be considered as potential sources of antidiabetic agents, the results indicated.
    The 50 per cent methonolic extract of 39 plant species used in
    Nepalese folk medicine system have been studied.
    Antidiabetic activity was evaluated by three separate methods:
    Rat intestinal sucrose, maltase inhibitory activities and
    porcine pancreatic alfa-amylase inhibitory activity.

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    Nepal Antidiabetic Plants