Intro To The Garden of Eden

The Choir Of Angels, Nice !

In The Beginning Was The Tree Of Life

Moringa, With Its Gorgeous Cascades Of White Orchid-like Flowers
Providing Us With Every Nutrient Known To Man In Abundance

Moringa Photos

Moringa oleifera PKM-1 India

The Entrance Of The Garden Of Eden Is Covered In White Roses, The Flowers of Love
Perhaps Prepared For The Beautiful Wedding of Adam and Eve? ;-)

White Rose Arbor

With Plenty More Roses Everywhere

White Rose Gardens

Monty Don Searched The World To Find Such A Mythical Garden.

He Found The Most Romantic Honeymoon Garden

Ninfa Gardens, Italy

Rose Cloud 10

The Sweet Scent of Meadowsweet Fills The Air, Soothing Blossoms Everywhere

The Queen Of The Meadow

Wishing All A Long Happy Healthy Life, God Gives Us The Flower Of Life.

Flower Women Of The Caucasus Often Live To Be Over 120yo!

The White Rhododendron caucasicum,

White Rhododendron Bush

Meanwhile Back In The Southwst USA...

Natives Journeyed Great Distances Following The Sound Of The Angel Trumpets

Datura wrightii

Angel Trumpet Seeds

Ancient Aztecs Built Pyramids To The Sun

Worshiping While Flying On Morning Glories

Entering The 'Pearly Gates'

Pearly Gates Open Open Open!

While Ancient Silk Route Adventurers Criss-Crossed Asia

Growing And Trading The Sacred White Somniferum That Soothes All Pain.

White Papaver

Heirloom White Somniferum Seeds

High In The Ancient Hindu Kush Gentle Elders Sit & Wait For All To Be Revealed

The Mythical Healing White Bush

The Kind Kali Kush... The Kaneh Bosem Annointing Oil

Elephant Bud Seeds

Still Others Continue Today To Search South America

For The Tree of Knowledge

Anadenanthera colubrina

Cebil Seeds

Oh My, Is That A Banana Tree? No, Its A Giant White Bird Of Paradise !

Some Wish To Spend Time In Prayer & Meditation, The White Lotus Is Available

White Lotus Soul,
Deep Mystery Of Clay Water Birth, Flowers Rising & Opening, Seed Pods Ripening
Nodding Back Into The Water To Be Softly Released And Reborn

Some Need To Only Search Out Their Back Window To See The Garden Of Eden!

"The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want"

Dandelion Seeds

Yes My Friends, Mankind Has Searched High And Low, Far And Wide,
The Garden Of Eden Still Exists For Us All, If We Only Dare To Reenter!
Oh Look ! Its a Pure White Hummingbird !

Ok, 'Enquireing Minds' Want To Know, OK, Here's What Happened ;-)!

Our First Journey Into The Garden Of Eden's Forbidden White Light Zone!

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