The New World Overgrow Food Chain

A Blog About The New World Overgrow Food Chain. We have gone over this New World Overgrow already BUT each time I search it up there is all sorts of NEW PLANS NEW SUCCESSES all over the place ! AMAZING PROGRESS !!! THE NEW WORLD OVERGROW IS GAINING MOMENTUM NOW !!! Pass this along to your list ! So I wish to reorganize this better, just to keep up ! This is all going EXPONENTIAL ya know ! The AWAKENING even scares the NEW AGERS who live the Yuppie Life in Sedona ! LOL We are talking MILLENNIALS and the battle is raging will it be OLD WORLD ORDER MIND CONTROL BLACKNESS & DEATH? or will Twitter ignite the FIRE? ONCE PEOPLE SEE THIS the OWO IS TOAST ! Garrett believes and he sees it all around world now. THE NEW WORLD OVERGROW FOOD CHAIN 1. ALAGE DIY WHOA ! scary! ALGAE FARMING ! RAISING SPIRULINA IN BOTTLES DIY SPIRULINA 10 GAL SPIRULIINA GROW ALGAE LAB KITS RAISING BRINE SHRIMP NEXT ! 2. FUNGI This is just ONE species but a very strategic one KOMBUCHA! 3. MICRO VEGGIES !!! BOOM TOWN BONANZA ! MICRO GREENS ! 4. AQUAPONIC VEGGIES, TRULY AN AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION !!! AQUAPONIC FISH & VEGGIES ! 5.CANNABIS GAME OVER VICTORY ! CANNABIS OVERGROW ! a PRIEST GOT CAUGHT AT THE AIRPORT WITH THIS STASH ! BLESS ME FATHER ! BLESS ME FATHER ! LOL 6. MORINGA FORESTS This is really a major global OVERGROW of FOOD ! MORINGA FORESTS OF FOOD ! 7. AYURVEDIC TREES A NEW ERA OF GOD'S MANY SACRED TREES ! HOLY MYROBALANS ! SACRED CHERRY PLUMS SACRED TIBETAN SECRET OF LIFE 8. SACRED COWS well not all have been blessed yet but someday ! GOT SACRED COWS ? 9. WATER, numerous new technologies rapidly expaning PURIFICATION PURE WATER ! This UNIT CAUGHT MY ATTENTION ! Check this rig out! WHOA ! GENIUS ! WATER PURIFICATION TRAILER ! 10. GARDEN OF EDEN Not just a distant memory or myth Its happening! GARDEN OF EDEN ALL AROUND US ! God Bless Yee Blessed Bee Namaste Semper Liberte Steve D. 9-1-14
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